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We have been living in Mangalore for over two years now, and funnily enough we were previously living in a property by Citadel but we were renting the place. We never really had the intention to buy from the same builders or any such hang ups , we actually spent a little bit of time looking at apartments that were already built and made because we wanted to know what the finished product actually looked like. We actually loved our old place very much and were very happy with it. While we were looking at apartments we noticed a trend of apartments not having enough space and also natural lighting, and that is one of the main features that drew us to this apartment. There is no lack of space and light not just within the apartment but throughout the building. We also really enjoy the ample room around the building and amenities for kids to play as well downstairs. The rain water harvest is another bonus, we are never without water. Our family and friends who’ve visited us are always in impressed by the view from our apartment and the greenery we are surrounded by, this was another factor that we had to take into consideration, the convenient distance from the city but not being in the middle of the city. We were very comfortable dealing with the builders who have a reputation for being very accommodating and easily accessible. We are very happy with our choice that really began as just a fun outing to look at apartments, which finally led us to buying our new home!

- Neethu, Kasargod

I can truly say buying our home from Citadel Builders was a relaxed and easy experience, because it was a clear choice for us. We loved the property, and when we met the builders we knew this is what we wanted, they were charming, soft spoken and genuine. After we moved to this house, we also fell in love over time with how beautifully planned the entire building was, from the open space of the flat, the views on all sides of the building, the amenities and the maintenance of the building. We love how warm and accessible the staff of the building are, and they have been provided to us by the builders. They are always ready to help out with anything we need. The building itself is an absolute pleasure to live in because of how convenient the space around the building is and the distance to everything we need is also very convenient. Our Church is close by , grocery stores are
also at a comfortable distance. We could not be happier and have already recommended our family and friends to look to Citadel to buy a home from.

- Mrs. Veronica D’Silva

We love our new home; moving from Bangalore to Mangalore though near in distance was quite a move in terms of the surroundings, the weather, the culture, everything! And we moved for my kid’s education, with my husband in Dubai, he wanted to ensure that we were in a safe and homely environment. And this house was perfect for us, we decided to buy the property through my friend’s suggestion, they live close by and I think they really liked how the place looked. But my husband received further reassurance when his friends in Dubai also suggested picking this property over any other choices. We have never been disappointed with any aspect of the building or its staff who help us on a daily basis. We have been very happy with the place right from when we began to buy the property!

- Mrs. Preetha Willies , Bangalore

We are from out of the city, work brings us to Mangalore! We have been looking at apartments for a very long time. We finally settled for Woodville because we were very satisfied with many aspects of the place, the calmness of the locality and at the same time being easily accessible to amenities around us. The greenery surrounding the building also adds to the charm. This is the first home we have bought; we previously lived in a rented apartment. For that reason there was a lot of thought put behind buying our first home. Additionally we wanted to buy the property soon after we bought the place, that meant the finishing work needed to be completed, the builder’s payed special attention to helping us making the place our own. Our family and friends really like our home because of the abundance of light and how the house looks, I especially love the balcony attached to
the hall! The maintenance in the building helps us out a lot too, they are always ready to assist us and prompt in their approach.

- Sri Harsha and Shree Kala, Infosys

We have known Ram for over twenty years; it’s as long a time as you would need to get to really know a human being for what they are. If I do not know someone completely I would never intend to get into business with them, and I hold Ram in the high esteem, and have complete faith in him and Citadel as a whole. We go so far back, that today we are almost family!
We first got to know of each other through my brother who had bought property in the first project they built called Kiran, ever since then, our whole family has interacted and met and basically developed a lasting friendship to the extent that it was my mother who advised us to buy our flat through Citadel Developers, because of the complete faith she has in these guys! We’ve even left the interiors to be done by Citadel with their creative freedom as living abroad for over 25 years we don’t really know who we could trust to do the job up to our taste and requirements, we would rather go with the people we know and trust! They deliver what they promise and they do a good job of it. Such business acumen increases our trust in the people who run the company, especially with hard earned money. We want to see that our money goes a long way, and Citadel sees that it happens.
We have to mention the reasons we really appreciate Citadel in particular is the honesty they work with and they make sure to never take on more they can handle thereby giving us exactly what we expect. The transparency with which they work the quality of materials they’ve used and the honesty they work has made us suggest Citadel to our friends and more importantly our family too!

- Mr. Neel Antony and family Muscat, Oman. Property Jade

I’ve known Ram and Sandeep long before Citadel was even an idea. Both of them worked for me, in fact Ram met his wife right in this very office! She too worked with our firm. This was a long time ago. I can confidently say Citadel developers are one of a kind. The buildings they build are a reflection of who they are as people and the quality of work is incredible as a result.
When I first saw their work, I was very pleasantly surprised and ever since then I’ve known that Citadel Developers will grow to be a force to reckon with. And it has already begun to happen, people have begun to recognize that if you want quality and to know that the builders have the best intentions, Citadel are the guys to go to.
Since they built Jade I have not just picked up flats for my family but have also directed my family and friends looking for flats to Citadel’s properties. The thing that really stands out about Citadel Developers is the delivery of a product that is top notch as well as the attention to detail is a very important factor in their identity. From the smallest details like the screws and nails to every other element of their properties, they pay special attention to making sure they pick the absolute best. When presented with a choice they always clearly go for the better if not the best choice.
The human quality is another thing that sets that them apart, they involve themselves in the buyers happiness, by holding their hand through the process and making sure the process of buying the house is made easy and an experience to cherish and that speaks volumes, so much so that I truly believe Citadel does not even need to invest money into advertising instead if they direct potential buyers to existing buyers the property is as good as sold.
I am proud of how far they have come and believe they will definitely go a very long way.

- Mr. Roy Rodrigues

 My family and I moved to the city of Mangalore from Manjeshwar. My work made me move to the city of Mangalore. We are very happy living in the Woodville apartments because of not just the amenities and what the building has to offer but also many other things that makes living in a Citadel Property comes with. Firstly, the developers deliver what they promise!; right from the start we’ve had no issues buying the home we envisioned buying with no hassles from our end. The developers took care of all our requirements without any problems whatsoever. So much so that we almost had after sales service! The builders themselves saw that way past the buying of the property; we were looked after in terms of setting our house up. If we were to look out for outside agencies to come in and work on the house, we would be waiting for ever to make the apartment feel like home. This was completely taken care of, from the smallest details like helping us put pictures up, the maintenance within the building would make the time to come in and help us out. We could not be happier with our home, and how our builders are not just people who sold us an apartment, but people who helped us find our home and became our friends too!

- Mr. Anil Baliga and family from Manjeshwar

 We booked our apartment at woodville by Citadel a while back. I have to say, We have been most satisfied with everything associated with the builders. Sandeep and Ram are forever there for even the biggest of the whims and fancies coming from us. They have never said no to anything. For the first time in my life I have seen the the builders actually being at the construction site everyday to monitor work at every level. Every detail is looked in to and taken care of well. Today I had a glimpse of the mock up apartment and I was flattered. I'm tempted to upload the pictures online, but I'm sure they want to be the first ones to do it. Final words, citadel developers have built for us our dream home!! Just waiting for the completion of the project and move in to the flat asap!! 🙂 great job Sandeep and Ram!! We will be forever grateful to you!! Thank you.

- Mr. Ajay Kudva

Citadel is a team of thorough professionals with the best work ethics. All my needs were heard and met with when I bought an apartment at Citadels’ Onyx. Keep up the good work and all the best..!

- Mr. Muralidhar Shetty, Engineer, Yemen

I am very satisfied with my apartment at Citadel’s Sapphire. I recommend all those looking for a house to approach Citadel

- Mrs.Sandhya Nayak, Homemaker.

My experience with Citadel has been 100% good. Thanks to their very sincere team, I own my dream home at Amber.

- Mr.B.K. Ramprasad, DGM, Vizag Steel.


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